At This Week in School Psychology, our mission transcends the mere dissemination of information; we strive to bring a sense of joy and inspiration to every engagement with scientific literature in the field of educational mental health.

Recognizing the vast and continuously evolving landscape of scientific research, we are dedicated to simplifying and enlivening your journey through the latest findings. Our approach is designed to not only keep you informed but also to captivate and enlighten you with the wonders of modern school psychology research. Our goal is to transform your interaction with these studies into moments of discovery and ongoing inspiration.

Bridging the Research-Application Divide in Education

The realm of school psychology research is constantly advancing, yet there’s often a significant delay in applying these discoveries in educational settings. It is concerning that it can take several years for research findings to be widely implemented, with a small fraction of these insights reaching the educators and students who could benefit the most. This lag has implications for everyone involved in education, from students and school administrators to educators who may miss out on innovative approaches due to a lack of awareness.

This gap largely exists because educational research papers can be difficult to access and understand. This Week in School Psychology steps in to bridge this crucial divide. We provide free, straightforward updates, making you an informed participant in the educational community. Our commitment is to close this gap, ensuring that the latest in school psychology research is not only accessible and comprehensible but also ready for immediate application in educational environments.